Train Counting

Last week our theme was TRAINS!
My goal was to do 3 activities with LB.....but it was a busy week, so this is the only one we got done! Oh well. That's just life. :)

But this was a fun counting activity. It was good for LB(3) to practice recognizing numbers and putting them in order. And he LOVES trains so it was a fun way to practice!

Prep Work:
  • I found this package of train cars at the dollar store a while ago. You could try to find something similar, OR just print some trains out, OR cut out rectangles and add circles for the wheels! :)
  • So, whatever trains you decide to use, just write the numbers 1-10 (or lower, or higher) on them. 

Here's what you do:
  • Lay out all the trains on the floor.

  • Then have your child line them all up in order, connecting the train cars together to make one big long train. That's it!

  • You could also play other fun games with these. Any other ideas?


Maro s kindergarten said...

This is a very good idea and it can be done in the classroom as well! I love how your ideas are always so creative and easy to do!

Julie Rogers said...

"Train" week---my boys would love this theme!! Great idea, thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

good deal..ya my boys love trains as well...
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