Rocket Run - Preschool Learning Activity

As part of our Space-Theme this week, LB and I played this awesomely easy rocket game! It can be adapted to teach or review practically anything you're working on with your kids: speech sounds, numbers, letters, sight words, shapes, colors, spelling, etc.


  • Paper Rockets (I bought this little packet at the Dollar Store 3 years ago (originally used HERE). But you could also just cut out rocket shapes using construction paper, or use toy cars and pretend they are flying in space--imagination can work wonders!)
  • Chalkboard -- OR -- black paper, black fabric, or even a bucket! (covered in stars so it looks like space)

Here's What You Do:

  • First, set the chalkboard/paper/fabric/bucket on one side of the room/house and then go sit on the other side with the rockets.
  • I wanted to work with LB on his speech a little bit. So I used a picture word book and pointed to a picture. We would say it together a few times and practice making some of the sounds he's still learning. After we said the word a few times, I gave him one of the rockets (with sticky-tack on the back) and we counted down, "3, 2, 1, Blast off!!" and he took off running to where the chalkboard was and stuck the rocket on. 
  • Again, you can review ANY concept you want with this game! It would be fun to review 
    • ABC's 
    • numbers
    • shapes
    • colors
    • words
    • anything & everything!

LB absolutely LOVED this game! It was a fun way to practice sounds with him (and we even had some major speech-breakthroughs during this game!), AND it was a fun way for him to burn off some of that endless energy!! Win-win.

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Unknown said...

This is so awesome! We are doing a space week too! I love this!

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