Football Laces Counting Game

With Football season in full swing, I thought it would be fun to have our weekly theme be FOOTBALL! 
This activity was incredibly simple to make, and LB(2) had so much fun with it. And I was very impressed with how well he counted!

  • Using a piece of brown construction paper, cut out 5 football shapes
  • Tape or glue them onto the blank side of an index card (or cut out pieces of cardstock)
  • Using a white crayon, draw a line down the long way of the footballs, and then cut the football cards in half.
  • Next, draw laces on each half of the football starting with 1 and going up to 5, like the picture below:

Here's what you do:
  • Lay out all the cut cards and have your child pick 2 and put them together to make a football.
  • Show them how to count the laces and then have them do it on their own!

  • Since there are so many possible combinations, this is a fun game your child can play over and over to practice counting up to 10!

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