960 Saturdays

I recently read this little fact from THIS book:

With everyone's busy schedules, sometimes Saturdays are the only days where we get to do fun things all together as a family. Seeing that finite number attached to these days makes me want to cherish them even more!


Unknown said...

I've no idea how you worked out that there were that many Saturdays between those two points in life but whether you have a girl or a boy you can bet that some of them are going to be spent with friends.
And as time passes with boy/girlfriends because through the course of time you can't stop nature.

Kim Vij said...

As a mom of a college student it's hitting me that those Saturdays are gone, we've had so much fun though and look forward to all the weekend adventures we'll be taking our two daughters on. Since they're 1 and 6 we have a little more time :)

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