USA Matching Game

This is a super easy and fun patriotic game for kids. LM(5) loved playing this and cheering for USA. Which is good for America's upcoming Birthday, AND the upcoming Olympics! 

  • Star cut-outs (I got these at the dollar store, but you can also find fantastic star cut-outs on Amazon! You could also just cut out squares of paper---maybe red, white, and blue paper!)
  • Marker

Here's what you do:
  • Write the letters U, S, and A on all the stars (or papers).
    • Turn them over all over the floor and have each child take turns flipping over a star. As soon as one U, one S, and one A are turned over pick them up and then shout, "I love USA!"
  • Here's another way you can play:
    • put these in a bag and sit in a circle with your kids. Take turns drawing a star out of the bag, and hold it up. As soon as one U, one S, and one A is held up, have those children stand and shout, "We love USA!"
And if you're looking for more patriotic fun for kids, check out these great finds on Amazon! 

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