Finger Paint Egg

Paper Egg Craft #8

I always have to put on my brave face whenever I pull out the paints--fully knowing that I'm going to have to clean paint out of my boys' ears, hair, and belly-buttons the rest of the day! But they LOVE painting, so some days I just suck it up and let 'em loose!

  • 1 Egg cut out of white cardstock
  • Finger paint (whatever colors you want!)
  • Easter shaped cookie-cutter, we used a bunny shape (optional)
Here's what you do:
  1. Pour out paint onto paper plates.
  2. Using only fingers, paint the egg!
  3. After the egg is painted, use the thick side of a cookie cutter to stamp shapes into the paint (optional).

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And stay-tuned for MORE to come! :)

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Great idea!

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