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Easy Felt Fruits & Veggies

Adding these fruits & veggies to our felt food collection was the organic icing on the cake! My dream is that if I can get my kids excited to eat pretend broccoli and zucchini maybe they'll give it a chance in real life too! Maybe......

  • Felt
  • Scissors

Here's what you do:
  1. Using different colors of felt, cut out different fruits & veggies! In the picture above I have the following, from top to bottom:
    1. light green pear
    2. dark green zucchini
    3. red apple
    4. yellow banana
    5. purple grapes
    6. yellow lemon
    7. brown potato
    8. dark green broccoli
    9. dark blue blueberries
    10. orange carrot
    11. green cucumber
    12. orange orange :)
    13. white cauliflower 
You don't need a pattern or anything. Just cut them out how you think they look and they'll be good enough to pretend to eat! This really is a fun way to talk about eating healthy too!

Check out our other felt foods. Click HERE!
Have fun!

Comments said…
These are perfect supplies to teach kids about foods and colors!
Jessica said…
Thanks for this idea! I'm buying felt today and will be having fun with my toddlers this week!

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