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Hanging Handprint Flowers Mother's Day Card

The 2nd Handprint Mother's Day Craft we came up with was to use the handprints as the center of some pretty flowers that all hang on a strip of paper! You can add as many flowers as you want depending on how many little handprints you want to use! (We did 1 handprint per child, but you could also have each child do BOTH their hands.)
Supplies: PaintCardstockScrapbook PaperScissorsGlueMarker
Here's what you do: Using the paint, have the child/children make handprints on white cardstock.When the paint is dry, cut around the handprints in a circle to use as the center of the flower.Using a piece of scrapbook paper, draw simple flower shapes around the handprint centers and cut them out, and glue the handprints on.Write the names of the children on their handprints, and a message if you want. Cut out strips of white cardstock and glue them together to make one long strip. Glue the flowers onto it.Add a piece of paper to the top with white cardstock on it and write "Happy Mother&#…

Handprint Garland Mother's Day Card

The other day while we were painting, I had my 3 kidlets each put their handprint on pieces of paper 4 times. I knew I wanted to use them for Mother's Day cards for our dear Grandmas, and thought it would be fun to come up with 4 different ways to make fun Mother's Day Cards with handprints Here is #1. Stay tuned this week to see the other 3 Handprint ideas for Mother's Day!

PaintCardstockScrapbook PaperHole-puncherRibbonScissorsGlueMarkerHere's what you do: Stamp your child/children's handprints on the cardstock and cut them out in squares. (You can have each child do one handprint, or 2--however many you'd like!)Cut out squares of scrapbook paper and glue the handprint on.Using the hole-puncher, place a couple holes on the tops of each square.Lace a ribbon through the holes and tie the ribbon on the ends so it can be hung up.Write Happy Mother's Day on the paper and the names of each child's handprint.You can put this inside a big envelope and…

File Folder Games: Sundays

Sundays are special because we get to go to church and learn from the scriptures. And we can also learn at HOME!  You can use File-Folder Games as a fun way to teach your children about the scriptures and faith-building principles.
Supplies: File FoldersPictures of scriptures stories (You can use printables, pictures cut out of church magazines, or anything else you think might work! The printed ones I have below were ones I printed & colored appx. 13 years ago as part of a goal I had in my Young Women's program to make fun Family Home Evening games for my future family! My hard work paid off!)ScissorsGlue or tapeMarkerHere's what you do: Create a file-folder game using whatever pictures you were able to find. Your kids can play with these independently, or you can have a little lesson to go along with it.  Here are some examples:
Bible Picture Match-up:

People in the Bible Match-up:

Sailing to the Promised Land Puzzle:

Noah's Ark Matching:

Book of Mormon Matching: (what's…

File Folder Index

Here is a list of EASY ways you can make your own File-Folder Games using things you might already have! Just get a pack of file folders and get creative!

Click on a picture BELOW to see that post. Or click HERE to see all these posts.


File-Folder Games: Stickers

Here is another fun, easy & inexpensive way to make your own file-folder games: Use Stickers!

Supplies: File FoldersStickersCardstockScissors
Here's what you do: Find stickers that you have 2 sheets of the same ones.Stick one set of stickers onto the file folder, and the other onto the small pieces of cardstock. You are ALL DONE! Here are a couple we've made:

Animal Sticker Matching:

Disney Sticker Matching:

File-Folder Games: Scrapbook Paper

Here is another fun, easy & inexpensive way you can make your own file-folder games for your kids: Use Scrapbook Paper!
Supplies: File FoldersScrapbook Paper (p.s. Check out our post on a truly AMAZING deal for scrapbook paper packs on Amazon!)ScissorsGlue or double-stick tape
Here's what you do: Cut out simple shapes in different colors and patterns of scrapbook paper. (draw & cut out one shape and then use that one to trace the rest.)Glue or tape one set onto a file folder, and leave the other set for matching. You are ALL DONE! This is a fun way to make file-folder games for different holidays. Just cut out a simple holiday shape using different festive paper! Here are a few I've made:

Heart Color Matching:

Heart Pattern Matching:

Heart Pattern Matching:

Pumpkin Matching:

And click below to see how I made this fun Four-Leaf Clover one!

File-Folder Games: Flash Cards

Here is another fun, easy & inexpensive way to make your own file-folder games for your kids. Use Flash Cards!
Supplies: File FoldersFlash Cards - you can buy inexpensive ones at the dollar store, or even thrift stores!Glue or double stick tapeMarker
Here's what you do: Figure out what kind of game you can make with the flashcards you have.Glue or tape cards onto the file folder, and leave the other ones to match.With a marker, trace a card in the spot you want them to place the matching card. You are ALL DONE!
Here are several we've made with the flashcards we had:
Animal Words Matching:

Word Matching:

Vehicle Matching:

Tractor Matching:

Mommy to Baby Animal Matching:

Baby to Mommy Animal Matching:

Directions Matching:

Puzzle Cards:

File-Folder Games: Wall Borders

Here is another fun, easy & inexpensive way to make your own file-folder games for your kids:  Use Wall-Borders!
What are Wall-Borders? They are the things that school teachers use to put around their bulletin boards. I found mine at the Dollar Store, but if you can't find any there, you can definitely find them at a Teacher Store. They look like this:


File FoldersWall-Borders - try to find ones that have several pictures of different kinds of things, like the ones above.ScissorsGlue or double-stick tape
Here's what you do: Take 2 wall-borders and cut each picture off of the strip.Glue or tape one set onto the file folder, and leave the other set for matching. You are ALL DONE!
Here are a few we've made:
Vehicle Matching:

Monster Matching:

Shape Matching: