Easter Egg Match-up

The cards are made with scrapbook paper & cardstock and will be "laminated" using contact paper.

This is a fun activity for children to play independently, or as a game with others.
Here a few fun ideas of how you could use these cards:
  1. Leave the cards face-up and have the child match the top and bottom portions of each egg together.
  2. Place together tops & bottoms that don't match. Have the child rearrange the eggs so they match.
  3. Turn the cards face down and play Memory by taking turns flipping over 2 cards at a time to see if you get a match.
  4. Place the cards with the bottoms of the eggs on the floor in one room and the tops in another room. Have the child choose a bottom egg then run into the other room to find the matching top!
  5. Write 5 sight words on pieces of paper. Cover them up with a matching top & bottom egg. Have the child "break" the egg open by removing both top & bottom from the paper to read what the hidden word is inside!


Anastasia@healthymamainfo.com said...

Great activity!

Amy said...

where did you find the post it notes in bunnies and eggs???

Little Family Fun said...

Hi Amy!
I found them at Target. :)

Unknown said...

Love this game!! A perfect Easter activity that almost any mom can make for her child.

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