Pretend Play: St. Patrick's Day Store

I found a bunch of green coins on super clearance after St. Patrick's Day last year. I didn't have a plan for them, but I just can't pass up a sweet deal when I see one.

I pulled out the coins, and we used the toys we collected in our Green Hunt activity and played "store." But not just any old store. No sir. When you have GREEN coins to spend, you can only buy GREEN toys! We called it our St. Patrick's Day Store.

I was the clerk first. I gave the boys a bowl of coins and set up all the toys on the couch. When they came to the couch I said, "Hello sir. Welcome to the St. Patrick's Day Store." They chose something to buy, and I told them how many coins it cost. They counted out the coins to me (good counting practice) and I said, "Thank you. Come again!" or "Have a Lucky day!"

The boys LOVED it---and I actually had a lot of fun too! We've played it a bunch of times since.


The Activity Mom said...

Great idea! Just pinned it.

Carrie said...

How fun!! Looks like you are all set for St. Patrick's Day!

Creative and Curious Kids! said...

Such a cute idea! My girls love playing store.


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