Felt Heart Games

I have a lot of felt. 

And almost every color you can dream of.
So I thought a good way to use a bit of my collection was to cut out a bunch of hearts for some Valentine Games. (P.S. you could do the same with paper hearts as well.)

So far, we've used the hearts like this:

1. We set out the big hearts on the floor and pulled the small hearts out of a bag. When we pulled out a color, the boys would go put their toes on the matching big heart. We played again and the boys had to put their noses on the matching heart. The possibilities are endless with how to touch the heart.

2. We set out all the hearts in a big circle and played musical hearts. When the music stopped they had to tell me what color the heart was that they were standing on.

3. We took turns hiding one of the hearts in the living room. 

Any more good ideas for heart games?

Happy Valentine's Day!

1 comment:

Debbie Brough said...

Just played the first of these heart games w/ my toddler & preschooler this week and they loved it -- thanks for the fun idea! :)

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