Shape Turkeys

Turkey's come in all shapes and sizes.
For this activity, I drew several different turkeys in different shapes.
Then I had LM (4) draw feathers on to match the shape of the turkey.

The heart-shape was a bit hard for him, so I helped him out with that one. 
It was good practice for him to draw shapes and also fun to see the many kinds of turkeys we could create!


Unknown said...

Very Cute! I think I'll do something similar, but with foam shapes since my boys are still in the "drawing lines" stage. Thanks for the idea! I'll post what we do once I have pictures.

Jamy said...

Just love it! This our 'fall' activity today after school!!!! Thanks for all your rockin' ideas!

Holli said...

Just found your post on Pinterest. My boys are still "pre" preschool and are just learning to ID shapes, but I will pin for next year. I'd love for you to share this at my Thanksgiving link-up:

Happy to be a new follower!

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