Our Chore Chart

I have been wanting to find an easy & organized way to have the boys help out with chores. 
Here is what I came up with:

Here's how I made it:
I took a black frame and put scrapbook paper inside the glass with each of our names on one of the rows of paper. 
I printed clipart from microsoft word so there was a visual image for the boys to see describing the chore.
I laminated the chores and used sticky-tack to stick them to the glass. 

Here's how it works:
The DAILY chores are done right after dinner
It's been really nice and fairly easy to clean up right away instead of letting everything sit overnight. LM has gotten in a pretty good routine now and actually looks forward to his chore each night!
I rotate Mommy/Daddy chores with each other & the boys' chores with each other everyday.
The DAILY chores are:
Mommy/Daddy: wash the dishes & wipe the counters
LM/LB: wipe the table & vacuum the floor

The WEEKLY chores are done Saturdays (mornings, afternoons, whenever it fits our schedule). 
Again, I rotate Mommy/Daddy and LM/LB chores each week.
The WEEKLY chores are:
Mommy/Daddy: mop & vacuum upstairs
LM/LB: dust & vacuum downstairs

So far....
...this has worked out very well. As I said before, the boys LOVE doing their chores and it's fun for us to all pitch in at the same time and work together as a family to create a clean and pleasant home.

And since we all clean together each night and each weekend, it lightens MY load during the week! 
And that is awesome.


Suzanne said...

I think this looks great! I've recently discovered that magnets work well for chore charts, too. We have a big magnet board up in the girls' room, divided into boxes (I used painter's tape). I made small cards with pictures and word descriptions of their various routines and chores (i.e. practice piano, do homework, "dinner chore," brush teeth and fix hair, etc.), laminated them, and stuck magnets on the back. Each child has their own set of magnets, and she moves them over once they've done the job. You might not need this for the ages of your kids, but it has really helped keep my girls on task with their morning, afternoon, and evening routines and chores. BTW, I love your blog. Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!

Rebecca & Jeff said...

I think this is a great chart and a great way to implement them. It is such a great idea to all do them at the same time. Thank you for sharing!

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