Gratitude Turkey - Thanksgiving Tradition

It's the first week of November, and we are starting our traditional "Gratitude Turkey" for this Thanksgiving season. 

Here's how we made him:
  • The turkey body & head is made from brown construction paper (about 6" tall).
  • The beak and legs are from an orange paint-chip sample (or just use construction paper) and glued on.
  • The feathers are cut out of pieces of scrapbook paper (about 4" long).
  • The eyes are drawn with a black marker.

Here's how it works:

We put the turkey on the inside of our front door with sticky tack. Each week during Family Home Evening, and everyday as the boys and I sit down to go through the Learning Binder, we will each choose a feather and write something on it that we are grateful for. Then we will add it to our Turkey with sticky tack and watch him grow!

 I love this tradition because it's a fun way to focus on all our blessings this holiday season. A simple way to teach our children how much we have to be grateful for while we watch the turkey grow bigger and bigger!

**Update: Here is a picture of our Turkey about halfway through November:

And click the picture below to see how we made our Gratitude Turkey a couple years ago (2009):



Kim @ The Learning Hypothesis said...

What a great idea! I haven't seen this one and it looking like a great way to add in some turkey/gratitude fun.

Holli said...

This is fantastic as well! You truly have some wonderful family Thanksgiving ideas...this would be another great one if you're willing to share!

Thanks so much!

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