Get Enough Sleep

I've recently discovered something remarkable:

I need sleep.

And far too often, I don't get enough.

Are you like me?

I stay up late doing things that I want to do and can't do with the kids awake (crafting, reading, tv, movies, blogs, internet, hobbies, etc.) I want to squeeze in all the "free" time I can, which inevitably leads to me staying up extremely late.

I've noticed that when I don't get enough sleep,  I am sluggish and moody. I am less patient and easily frustrated. I am less nurturing toward my children because I failed to nurture myself and my need for rest.

So, I decided that I needed to make a sacrifice for the sake of my and my family's health & happiness.
Since my boys never (unfortunately ever) wake up later than 6:00-7:00am, I am trying to go to bed no later than 10:30pm.

I've actually been trying to do this for a few months now. So far I've found that when I do get enough sleep, I have more energy to meet the demands of motherhood & homemaking with happiness rather than resentment. I am more productive. I am more patient and loving to my children. I also feel closer to my Heavenly Father as I seek His guidance in my life. Basically, I've discovered that it's worth it.

It is really hard sometimes to stop what I'm doing around 10:00 and get ready for bed. But a good solid 8 hours later when  LM comes in the room and awakens me from my deep slumber, I'm grateful that I did. The day is so much better for everyone when Mommy wakes up on the right side of the bed.


**Ashley P** said...

I gave you an award. Go Look!

Meghan said...

YAY!!! You finally get it ;) Welcome to my world of sleep :)

Blastkka said...

I always knew you needed sleep! So glad you're making it a priority now. And I'm so happy that you're all seeing the benefits. You're such a great example of motherhood! Look at you being even better! :)

Mike & Lila Family said...

alright alright alright! i'll do it, you convinced me what i already know and keep avoiding!? can you also blog on the importance of feeding yourself as well? i have a problem with that and maybe if you say it, i'll start doing better at that too. :) he he he. thank you for the unknowing nudge to me to get better and more sleep! xo

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