Collage Squares

 I gathered up a bunch of small stuff that we could use to make a collage. I put them all in a bowl and the boys both made collage squares by picking an item and gluing it onto a piece of carboard.

Here is LM's collage. He had fun lining things up in rows. He kept saying they were like trains.

And here is LB's collage. I know he is only 1, but isn't his spatial awareness amazing? haha. Just kidding. I had him choose things from the bowl and hand them to me, then I carefully and artfully glued them onto the cardboard.

This is one of the few crafts that LB has done with us. He really didn't want to be left out! Though most of our activities and crafts are geared toward his pre-school age brother (LM) I'm going to see if I can include his 1 year old curiosity into our crafts and activities now and again.

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