D is for DRUMS

Activity: Paper Drum

I had these silver cardboard circles that came with some round tin pans and was going to throw away, but I always knew they'd come in handy someday!

  1. We first cut a piece of white card stock in half and I had LM color and put Christmas stickers on it. 
  2. Then I punched holes in it on the top and bottom and had LM lace some yarn through them. 
  3. Then we taped the card stock together in a circle, and taped the silver circles on top and bottom
  4. For the Drumsticks, we just rolled up some paper and taped them.
LM had fun banging on it while we sang Christmas songs! (Which was quite pleasant, actually. Because a paper drum is not loud at all!)

Such a fun little drum! Rum-pa-pum-pum!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a cute project. We usually do balloon drums, but those are loud.

Following your blog.

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