Gratitude Turkey Tradition

This is something we did last year (2009). The idea, however originated years ago with some of my college room mates. I wish I had the picture of our college turkey, because it was HUGE and amazing and filled up an entire wall!

The idea is to cut out a Turkey body, (I used a brown paper bag stuffed with newspapers for our Turkey body) and stick it up on the wall with tape or sticky tack:

And then cut out a bunch of feathers using construction paper:

Anytime someone thinks of something they are grateful for, they pick out a feather and write it on there. Then they add the feather to the wall around the turkey with tape or sticky tack. (We put ours on the side of our file-cabinet--hence the black background).

After a month of gratitude, our turkey turned out to be quite a thankful fat-feathered-fowl indeed!


Meghan said...

I like the cookies one. :)

~ said...

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Thanks!! said...

I made one today with my kids, and I guess I'll leave it hang on the fridge not only until Thanksgiving, but for the entire year! Thank you for such a great idea!

liz said...

you have such a cute and creative blog. I am looking forward to spending some time looking through you're ideas. THANKS!

Unknown said...

I love your turkey! I hope you will link this post to my Thanksgiving Traditions link up!

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