ABC Christmas Countdown

Merry Christmas!!

I was trying to figure out a fun way to countdown to Christmas this year and suddenly realized that the ABC's were a perfect way to do it! I wanted to post about this a few days early so if anyone else wants to join in you'd have time to get stuff ready.

Here is the idea:
1. We will decorate a letter each day with a Christmas word that goes with that letter.
2. We will do a fun activity that is associated with that Christmas word.

To Do:

1. Cut out, draw, or buy letters in uppercase or lowercase. (I used red punch-out letters that I got at the dollar store a while ago.)

2. Glue or tape each of the letters on a piece of paper. (I used 4x6 card-stock. As we decorate each letter, I'm going to put them in a 4x6 photo album so we have an ABC Christmas book!)

3. Using colored paper, cut out pictures for each letter that your child can put together. (I used construction paper and paint samples because they are really vibrant colors.) For example, G is for Gingerbread (shown in picture above.) I cut out a gingerbread man and some things to put on him. LM will simply put the gingerbread man together and then glue him on the G! It definitely will save time and energy having these all ready to go!

4. Put each letter and it's picture pieces in a ziploc baggie. Organization = success! :)

5. Find a special place to put the letter for each day. I'm going to use the silver Christmas tin shown in the picture above. Each day LM will look in the tin and find the baggie with the letter for that day. You could also hide the baggie with the letter somewhere in your house and have your child hunt for it!

6. If you want, you can also do an activity associated with that Christmas word. We are going to have a variety of crafts, learning activities, games, and just fun stuff. All of which will be pretty simple.

Here is our list of Christmas ABC's. Feel free to change any words you'd like to use.
Check back as we countdown to see what activities we do with each word.

ABC's of Christmas:
A - Angel 
B - Bells
C - Candy Canes
D - Drums
E - Elf
F - Family
G - Gingerbread
H - Holly
I - Ice Skates
J - Jesus
K - Kindness
L - Lights
M - Mittens
N - Nativity
O - Ornament
P - Presents
Q - Quilt
R - Reindeer
S - Snowman
T - Tree
U - Unwrapping
V - Village
W - Winter
X - Xylophone
Y - Yummy
Z - Zzzzzzz.....

And since there are 25 days to Christmas and 26 letters in the Alphabet, you could either do 2 letters on one of the days, or start a day early, or do the day after Christmas too. Either way, it will be a fun way to celebrate and learn each day until Christmas.


lintonbrat said...

Came on over from the Cornucopia of blog hops, I love this idea, I think I will set it up before December comes!

my blog is

Unknown said...

I love this Linda! You are so creative. I am going to try and do this with the girls...did it take quite a bit of time?

Anonymous said...

It's so weird, because I was just thinking about this the other day (about how the alphabet is a perfect countdown considering the 26 letters)! We haven't officially started a Christmas countdown tradition since our daughter is only 16 months, but this will be great to start next year.

I'm a new follower from the Cornucopia of Blogs Hop!


GretchenP said...

great idea! especially the idea of saving them like a book! linked you from no time for flashcards.. new follower now!! :)

Jennifer said...

Very clever idea!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

MaryAnne said...

What a perfect Christmas countdown for preschoolers!

Cathy Kennedy said...

Newest follower here...Very cute idea!My kiddos are all grown and I miss these sorts of activities a lot. Enjoy this blessed time of the year!

The Activity Mom said...

So fun! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Love this idea and we will be doing it next year for sure :)

New follower from No time for flash cards

Eva said...

What a great idea - very creative, and seems like you gonna have a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea!! I love that you then have the book to look at for all the years in the future!

Jenny Morris said...

Great Idea...just might have to do this one!

New follower, from Cornucopia of Blogs Hop! You can check out my blog at

P.S. I am an Awesome-Lame Mom! I bounce back and forth!;}

Kara said...

This is such a great idea! I found you through notimeforflashcards and I'm now a follower! Happy Holidays!

chelle said...

Visiting via No Time For Flashcards....This is a wonderful idea!
I like the hiding them and having the kids search for them would help build up excitment / anticipation

Jodie said...

I love love love this! will definitely be doing this next year with my girls!

Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity said...

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Unknown said...

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