Halloween Countdown #6 - Learning Activity

For our learning activity today, I made a very simple file folder Pumpkin-Matching game.

All I did was cut out 2 pumpkin shapes from various patterns of scrapbook paper and glued on green paper scraps on the top for stems. I then used double stick tape to stick one set of the pumpkins on the folder.

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The Activity Mom said...

Really cute! I'm going to share this on twitter and facebook. thanks! =)

Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

So cute! I will have to make some now!

The Activity Mom said...

I'd love to share this on my blog next week. Can I use your picture? =)

Little Family Fun said...

Activity Mom,

You may certainly use my picture.


Elle Belles Bows said...

Found you on the Activity Mom! Thanks for sharing this idea! Kerri

jackie@happyhooligans said...

Love this! It inspired me to do something similar (but with a twist). I'm going to post on my facebook page and my blog tomorrow. I'll definitely link to you! Thanks so much for you creative ideas!
p.s., Girlfriend, you gotta get some wallpaper sample books. Ask for expired ones at your local Paint/Paper shop. THey're usually happy to give them away. So much cheaper than scrapbook paper, and the textures, and weight are great for kid's crafts! :)

Little Family Fun said...

That is such a good idea with the wallpaper samples!!! I can't wait to go find some. Thanks!

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