First Word-Recognition Activity

Halloween Countdown #16 - Learning Activity

To practice some simple word-recognition, I used a cookie-cutter to trace and cut out some cat cards. I wrote down 5 common words (including LM and LB's names) and glued them on the cats. We had them face down on the table and one by one, LM would turn them over. We'd look at the letters and I'd help him sound them out. We have never done any kind of word recognition like this, so I thought it would be fun to see how he does. Plus, though he knows his letters pretty well, I know it is also important to help kids learn that letters have sounds to prepare them for reading in the future.

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The Activity Mom said...

loving all of your ideas! I've been tweeting them this morning. =)

can't wait to try the abc pumpkin and the bean skeleton!

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