Countdown to Halloween!

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LM is VERY excited about Halloween. It all started when he saw me buy a little pumpkin costume for LB the other day. Ever since then, he asks me several times a day, everyday, if tomorrow is Halloween. I have to keep telling him that it's still a 4 weeks away. But not understanding how much time that really is, I thought it would be fun & helpful to do a countdown.

I cut out a bunch of little ghosts. Which was super easy. Just fold a piece of paper in half, and cut that in half and half again so you basically have 4 long strips, folded in half:

Then cut each one in half using whatever kind of cut you want for the bottoms of your ghosts:

Round out the edges on top, draw on some simple faces, and you instantly have a gaggle of ghosts! I used sticky tack and placed them on our filing cabinet:

On the back of each ghost is written one of the following:

Learning Activity

LM will choose a ghost each day until Halloween and we will do a special activity. Some will be 5 minutes or less. Some will be longer depending on our time. And one of the surprise ghosts will of course be the Halloween activity of ALL Halloween activities: Trick of Treating!

Happy Halloween!


Razzle Dazzle Mom said...

what a cute idea! This could easily be incorporated into any holiday or month, and probably great motivation for me to do all the fun ideas with the kiddos that I have saved over the years!

Anonymous said...

oo very fun! I need to get my Halloween count down created!

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