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Stroller Strap

I got this fleece sweater for LM from a grab bag at a yardsale. It was just his size, and pretty cute. All except for the gaping hole in the left sleeve.

It could have gone straight to the trash can. But I've been in a recycling mood lately, and I thought to myself: "this is perfectly good fleece! I'm sure I can use this for something!"

A while ago, I saw an awesome idea over on Little Hands, Big Work  to make a Stroller Strap. So, with the fleece in hand, I made one. Fleece is an awesome material to work with, because you don't have to hem the edges. So, I just cut some strips out of the fleece, tied them together, and made a loop on the end.

I'm going to tie the other end onto LB's stroller. While we are walking in places that I don't want LM to run wild, I will have him hold onto the strap to stay close by me. We actually tried it out at the store yesterday and it worked pretty well. I love that it keeps him near and teaches him self-control withou…

5. A few other Couponing things . . .

I've posted the very basics of couponing and hope it's been helpful. There is plenty more to learn, but my advice is to definitely start small and go from there. You will catch on as you go.

Here are just a few more helpful things to know as you begin:

If you are ever confused about your stores' couponing policy, just go to customer service and ask. When I first started, I did this because I was confused about a few things at a particular store. It definitely helped me to understand how a few things work at that store.  For Example: Check with the stores you shop at to see if they double coupons daily. I didn't realize it for a while when I started, but there are 2 stores in my area that double all coupons below 50 cents, EVERYDAY! That means that if you have a coupon that is 50 cents or below, it is actually worth double the value! So a 50 cent coupon is really worth $1.00!!!  Find out!If have a Walgreens or CVS in your area, it is definitely worth the time to figure o…

4. Some Couponing Lingo

Couponing jargon can seem like another language. Here are a few of the basics:
R or RP = Red Plum   (one of the newspaper inserts)S or SS = Smart Source    (one of the newspaper inserts)PG = P&G    (one of the newspaper inserts) BOGO or B1G1 = By One Get One FreeMIR = Mail in RebateWYB = When You Buy$1/2 = this is an example of a coupon that is worth $1.00 when you buy 2 of that product.Stack = To stack means that you have a manufacturer's coupon (from the newspaper or printed) AND a store coupon (one that has the store's logo on it). You can use BOTH on the same item. Any others you're wondering about?

3. How I Coupon:

Now you've got your coupons, AND a couple of good websites to look at.

You might not need any more advice since the websites you've found are filled with good advice and tutorials from amazing couponers.

But, just in case you still aren't sure of what to do next, here's how I do it:

1. Look at the website you've found and find the deals that you'd like to get from a certain store.
2. Make a list. Print a list, or Copy & Paste one into a word document, or send yourself an email. Somehow get a list of just the deals you want to get from that store.
3. Go through the list and locate the coupons you will need to get the deals you want. (Print, Clip, Upload, etc.)
4. Make a shopping list. If you've printed a list, go down the list and mark to the side how many of each item you will need to get based on the number of coupons you have. If you don't have a printed list, just hurry and write one up. (this saves a lot of time in the store if you already have it f…

2. How to find a good Couponing Website

Now that you have some coupons, you need to know how to use them!

The very best thing to do is find a good website. As I mentioned in the first post, There are hundreds of wonderful people out there, you have built websites and done all the work of finding the sales and matching the coupons so all you have to do is look up the information they've provided, and go from there!
The tricky thing is finding a website that is useful to you for the area you live in. is a good place to start, because she lists a few stores by state. I personally also like how she has it set up in a list form. If you click on a store, it will pull up a new window with all that store's deals. If you go to % Saved on the far right, and click on the DOWN arrow, it will then list the deals by how much you save having the free and best deals on top.

Under the box where you click on your state, you can also click on National chains like Target, Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc. Most states have these st…

1. Where to get coupons

First things first. Where does one actually GET the coupons that save so much money. Here are a few ways to get them:

Newspaper Coupons: In each Sunday's Newspaper, there are anywhere from 1-3 or so inserts of coupons usually hidden within all the ads. The 3 pamphlets are Smart Source, Red Plum, and P&G. The more you have of each one, the more you can get and save. I usually try to get at least 5 of each week's coupons if I can. And more if they are available. Here are a few ways to try to get these inserts:
1. Ask around. Talk to family/friends/neighbors that get the Sunday paper but that probably just throw all the adds and coupons away. Ask them if you could get the coupons from them.
2. Subscribe to the paper. Some people even have several subscriptions to the Sunday paper so they get more inserts.
3. See if there are any stores in your area that sell the Sunday Paper at a discount. In our town, Kroger sells the Sunday paper on Mondays for only $1.00.

Printable Coupons: (Not…

Thinking of Couponing?

Why I love couponing:
1. It saves a ton of money. A TON!!! 2. We can use name brand/high quality products that we normally wouldn't buy, for much cheaper than any store brand/cheap products....and even sometimes for FREE! 3. It's fun! It has, in fact, become a very enjoyable hobby for me. I love knowing that I scored a good deal. It's the best. 4. I have made several new friends at the store, and even when getting my oil changed all because of our common love of couponing. 5. It helps us build up a food storage and reserve of products for when we need them in the future. 6. The extra things we have, and some of the products that we get for super cheap or free that we don't necessarily need, we can donate to people who DO need them. And more. Much more.

There are many great websites that give great information on the basics of couponing. Over the next week, I'm going to post a few of the basic things I've learned about couponing, and especially try to make it easy for a…

FHE follow-up: Nurturing Faith

As a follow up to our recent FHE on Faith, we have been talking about how important it is to nurture our faith, just like we nurture a growing seed. (Alma 32)

We planted our seeds and waited for a bit more than a week before anything started happening. Then one day, we saw something beginning to emerge!

We watered them, and made sure they got plenty of sun. We even had to rescue them from some extra heavy rainfall one weekend.

I've thought about how similar planting these seeds is to FHE. It may sometimes seem like our little ones aren't getting much out of all the planning and preparation that we put into our Family Home Evenings, just like how we watered, and waited for several days before anything started happening with the seeds.
But I have a testimony that as we follow the counsel of the Lord in striving to teach our children eternal truths, their faith will begin to grow. As they continue to grow and mature, they will feel and recognize truth as we humbly strive to gui…


Here is another craft from yesteryear.  Back when LM was just a wee little one, I found an idea on Family Fun to make rain sticks. They turned out to be really fun, both to make and to play with. We decorated ours with pieces of scrapbook paper and ribbon. But they could also be painted, colored, etc. For more instructions on how to make them, go here:

Roll with it . . .

Yes. I admit it. I, my husband, and our kids, sometimes eat fast food. Not because we don't know any better. But mostly because it's fast, and it's food.
But little did I realize that this particular visit to fast food land would result in hours of entertainment for LM. You see, not long after the food had been devoured, LM grabbed one of his little balls, put it into the french fry bag, which he then put into the food bag, which he then scrunched up, then thoroughly enjoyed dumping it back out and doing it over, and over, and over again. 
Best couple bucks I ever spent.

Lightning McQueen Cake

You may remember how my husband created these amazing tissue paper roses for Valentine's Day. 
Let's face it. Though he may appear to have hobbies related mainly to anything and everything athletic,  the man can craft.
And as part of LM's birthday festivities, he proved that once again. I found these Lightning McQueen stickers on sale and was going to just stick them on cardstock, tape them on to little skewers and stick them in the cake.
But he went the extra mile and created a McQueen on the cake. And the way he did it was just to drop some food coloring on the already white-frosted cake and literally draw Lighting by mixing the frosting as he shaped it. 

I can't really describe it very well, but bottom line: LM LOVED it.


I've been having fun seeing what LM can draw lately. As you may remember, I posted his very first drawing of a face that he did several months ago. He was still 2 then, and recently at his 3 year check up the Dr. was going through the list of milestones for 3 year olds. He asked me if he can draw a straight line? Yes. A circle? Sort of. Two lines crossing? Uhhhh......we've never tried. Sorry Doc. So that day, we came home and tried. I got out a piece of paper and we drew a little bit. Everything in BLUE is my work, and everything in PURPLE is LM's. 
Among other things, he drew train tracks (top right) The letter D (middle right) A snake (middle right) Faces (bottom middle) And crossing lines! (bottom right)
Milestone passed.

Recycled Organizing

You may have wondered, what can I use as a perfect place to store my child's big foam number puzzle pieces that are approximately 8" by 8" and that are often strewn about the floor?
It really is one of life's greatest mysteries.

Well, today is your lucky day, because I'm going to tell you.

Remember that box of 70 ct. cream puffs you picked up at your local Sam's Club/Costco? You know, the one that you vowed would last you and your family at least a year, but somehow they all disappeared within about a month, and the only explanation is that there must be a tiny troll in your freezer that's to blame........

Well, that's your answer!!!!!
Now what was the question again?

oh yes! A perfect place for your big foam puzzle pieces.

Cream puff, anyone?

Aquarium Shapes

With LM's finger paint set came some fun little sponge shapes! So, one day we stamped the sponges on some blue paper, drew on some faces, added some left over green Easter grass to the bottom, and made an aquarium! It's amazing how almost any shape can easily be made to look like a fish. Not always a very pretty fish, but a fish nonetheless. glub. glub.

FHE: Love at Home

Song:A Happy Family (Children's Songbook pg. 198a)


Scripture:Moroni 7:48

Activity:(I got this idea from my friend and her cute family! Thanks, Jenn!) Cut out a big paper heart and put it in the center of the room. One by one, have each member of the family stand on the heart, while the rest of the family takes turns telling that person why they love them!


Treat:Pudding Popsicles(recipe found on

Make a batch of pudding and freeze it in a popsicle mold or in paper cups with popsicle sticks inserted when mixture is half frozen. When the mixture freezes, dip for a few seconds in hot water to unmold; serve right away.