Egg Matching Carton

With some of the plastic Easter eggs we have, I made a little matching activity for LM. Simply find paint swatches to match the colors of your eggs (or something close enough. I had pastel colors which worked perfectly.) (By the way, these paint swatches can be found in the paint section of any store that sells paint!)
I cut out circles of each color and used double stick tape to tape them to the bottom of each cup in the carton.

LM has loved playing with this activity. In fact, when he woke up this morning, it was the very first thing he wanted to do! And he has played with it all day. He will open it, take out all the eggs, put them back in, close it, carry it around, open it, take out all the eggs, put them back in, close it . . . and on and on. It's a big hit!

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Heather said...

I love this idea! I made one and just printed colored circles instead of using paint chips. I can't wait to give it to my daughter when the glue dries!

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