I am a fan of organization. And as such, I also happen to be a fan of little tabs on olive green hanging folders in a big metal drawer that easily show me where to find something I need, or where to efficiently put something away that I may need to find later. More succinctly, perhaps I could say that I'm a fan of this:

(excuse the turkey. I took this picture after we first acquired this file cabinet last November.)

The bottom drawer hold our files. The next one holds my coupons. The 3rd one holds paper of all kinds for crafts, file folder games, and other preschool games, etc. The top one holds our craft supplies.
Seriously. If I could, I'd have a whole room full of these big black wonders.


Packer Family said...

I need one:)

Jared and Emily said...

We finally found one at DI for 15 with the key and everything! We were very happy! It is one of those amazing things that help so so much to organize! Ours is tucked inside our closet though since we have no other wall space. LOl

Meghan said...

I want so badly! I have been looking for one. I have a small filing carrier thing and it is over flowing!

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