Letter Snowflakes

During the summer, I found these snowflakes at a yardsale.  I put them away and just recently remembered that I had them! Though we haven't gotten much snow in our neck of the woods, I figured we better use these now, while it is still considered "Winter."

LM knows his letters pretty well, but mostly Capital letters. I thought I'd write all the lower case letters on the snowflakes so we could start learning and practicing these as well.

We started with  a - e  and put the others aside. We took turns throwing the snowflakes up in the air and watching them land. After it "snowed," I had LM look at the snowflakes that had landed face up, and tell me what letter it was.

- If you don't have packaged snowflakes like these ones, you could maybe just cut out white circles and call them snowballs!
- If your child knows all the letters well, use all 26 snowflakes and have a real blizzard!
- You could write anything on the snowflakes: letters, numbers, shapes, words, colors....whatever it is your child is learning.
- Add some fun to your letter blizzard! Put on a beanie and some mittens and then drink hot chocolate afterwards!


Elise said...

I often buy bits and pieces and later work out how we can use them. The snow flakes are a fun way to practice letter recognition and I like how this sort of activity could be incorporated into a winter theme.

We have been doing a few counting games here as well. LM must have had fun counting the rockets.

The Letter to Self is such a special keepsake that you will always treasure and be able to look back on in years to come.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for teaching him the lowercase letters! Please teach them to him in conjunction with writing his name, too!

A Frustrated Kindergarten Teacher
AKA Megan :-)

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