Button Threading

In December, we did a craft where we made Button Candycanes.
Well, the large-button candy cane went missing and didn't get packed up with the other Christmas things. I found it in our car one day as we were waiting to pick up Daddy at school. So I handed it to LM and he stayed very occupied while he took off the buttons and then put them back on. I decided that this might be a good thing to have around when he has to sit still, like in the car, at church, etc. so I put it all in a baggie and threw it in the diaper bag!


The Activity Mom said...

We usually put beads on our pipe cleaners. This will be a FUN change of pace!! Love that it is just in a bag for quick fun!

Christina said...

What a great idea. I've been looking for something easy enough for my two-year-old to do that helps him feel like he is sewing with me. This is great!
p.s. I've got your button now too!

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