Feb. 10 - Surprise: Valentine's Puzzles

I know that we've already done a Valentine's Day puzzle, but I had 2 good reasons for doing more puzzles as our surprise activity for Feb. 10.

1. Did I mention that LM loves puzzles? Yes. It's true.
2. I got these cards for FREE!

This is a good deal definitely worth sharing: If any of you live near a Publix, the rest of this week before Feb. 14, they have coupons in the Hallmark section of the greeting cards that are for .99 cents off of a Hallmark purchase. And it just so happens they also have a handfull of .99 cent Valentine's Day cards. And if my calculations are correct, .99 - .99 = FREE!

And with these free cards, I used this idea I saw on The Activity Mom, who saw something similar on Chasing Cheerios, who got the idea from Let's Explore. And I'm sure the reason this idea has gone around the blogosphere a few times is because it is so fun & simple, and even if you don't have FREE Valentine's cards from Publix, you can use greeting cards you get in the mail for any holiday!

 LM had a lot of fun with these, though he needed a bit of guidance to get most of them started. I think a few more tries and he'll get the hang of it.

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