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 Like many young boys, LM loves anything with wheels! So, for the next few days, I'm going to share some ideas we've done lately with wheeled objects.

A while ago I saw a cute idea similar to this on No Time for Flashcards. They cut out shapes with foam, placed magnets on the back, and used them to build all kinds of different robots. With that same awesome idea, we cut out shapes that could be used to build all kinds of different TRUCKS!

Here are the basic shapes I cut out:

  • 5 circles
  • 3 small squares
  • 2 rectangles
  • 1 big square
  • 1 triangle
 And here's a heaping handful of the many trucks we came up with:


And even a few trucks from the future, built exclusively by LM:

 It only took me a few minutes to cut out these shapes and put the magnets on, but it has already provided at least a good hour's worth of imagination, entertainment, & fun!


Elise said…
I am so impressed with all of the truck combinations you came up with. Such a brilliant idea.

We recently did a nature scavenger hunt using pictures. Scavenger hunts are always fun.

How adorable is the Potty Train - what a great incentive to get to that potty.

I have really enjoyed stopping by your blog and have been very inspired by your original and creative ideas.
artsy_momma said…
I love it! So many different trucks too!
MaryAnne said…
Those trucks are really cute - I love how many different ones you came up with! I have some templates of different shaped activities that we make out of felt, but you could do it just as easily out of foam like this. My templates are pretty small, but I think you already have most of the shapes you would need for them - here's the link, if you are interested:

Thanks for dropping by my blog, I'm glad you liked the texture book idea!
Love this idea! Super fun and easy.

Thanks for sharing.
Mom of Two said…
Thanks for the inspiration:
AlyceB said…
I just bought a cookie sheet to use on an upcoming trip away and was wondering what sort of things I could prepare that would work for a variety of activities - something like this will be perfect! Thanks!

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