File Folder Games: Animal Matching

I found these brand new animal cards at the thrift store for like 25 cents or something. They are the Mommy animals and the Baby animals. I made 4 folders of these because there were so many cards. The Mommy cards are taped into the folder, and so you match the baby to the mommy.

You will see throughout all the folder games I've made so far that most are using flashcards or card games that I already had. It is much easier to put them in a folder game than to have them strewn all about the house. Plus it makes the creation of a folder game a cinch!


Rob and Marseille said...

so do you only get one game out at a time? how long does he play with it for? we have little pieces of everything mixed up everywhere...makes me not want little piece things.

Little Family Fun said...

Hi Marseille,
Yes, we only have one game out at a time. I keep them in a filing cabinet that only I can open. He sits at the table while I get one out, he does the game and when he's done he puts the pieces in the folder and closes it and I put it away and get out another one. It helps keep order.
He usually wants to play with most of them so it can last a while. Probably appx. 2-5 minutes for each one....he will usually do each one only once, but there's a lot of talking about what he is doing.

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