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Mother's Day Balloon Craft for kids

Mother's Day will soon be here! If you're needing a cute and easy way to say I love you to the Mother's in your life, this craft is for you. A lovely Mother's Day craft for kids! 
Supplies: Washable Paint (aka: fingerpaint, tempera paint, poster paint) in any color.White PaperScissorsGlueCraft Foam (any color)Black Marker(Need a good deal on supplies? check out our Supplies-Recommendations Post!)
Step 1: Paint a piece of paper in the color of your choice. You can use your fingers, a paintbrush, or anything you desire. Let the paint dry (overnight is good).

Step 2: Once it's all dry, fold the painted paper in half and cut out 3 heart shapes about 1-2 inches tall.

Step 3: Unfold the hearts and with a black marker write the words, "happy mother's day" -- one word on each heart.

Step 4: Cut out small pieces of craft foam and glue them to the back of the hearts. This will help them pop out a little bit. Just like we did in our Lego Birthday Invitations!

Step 5: Gl…