March 17, 2015

Easter Countdown!

Originally posted March 13, 2013

With Easter right around the corner, I created this little Countdown to get us ready for the next fun Holiday.

Here's how to Make it:
  • Figure out when you want to start your countdown, and count how many days there will be until Easter.
  • Using 1-2 white pieces of paper or cardstock, cut out 1" strips--for the number of days in your countdown.
  • Make a paper chain with the strips:
    • Wrap one around and staple it together to create a loop. Put the next strip through the first loop, then wrap it around and staple it.....and on and on with all the strips (you could also use tape or glue).

  • With a scrap piece of paper, cut out 2 small bunny ears to fit on your top loop. Color the insides pink and glue them on top. 
  • Then draw a bunny face underneath:

  • When you are ready to start your countdown, hang up your Bunny-Chain somewhere in your house (I'm going to put ours on our curtain rod) :)
  • Each day until Easter, have your kids take off one of the loops. When they get to the Bunny, the next day will be Easter! :)


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