April 16, 2014

Easter Egg Patterns!

Here is a super duper easy learning activity you can do with your little ones this Easter.
Check it out!

  • Craft Foam in any kind of Easter colors.
  • Scissors

Prep Work:

1. Grab a piece of paper and fold it in half. Then with a pencil, draw half an egg shape on the folded edge. Cut it out and unfold it, you've got yourself an egg! 

2. Trace this egg onto your craft foam and cut them out.

(I used 4 different colors of craft foam, and I cut out 3 eggs of each color):

How to Play!

  • Make a simple pattern with the eggs. Leave off the last 2-3 eggs and have your child finish the pattern!

You can use all the colors in your pattern. Or just 2 or 3. :)
Have them name the colors as they walk through the pattern--to help them see where the pattern begins and ends. 

Happy Easter!