Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Paper Scrap Clover Craft

Here is a super easy craft you can do with your kids this St. Patty's Day!
All you need is green construction paper, scissors, and glue!

Craft Time!

1. Fold a piece of green construction paper in half, and draw half of a 4 leaf clover. Then cut it out, like this:

Unfold it and you've got a 4 leaf clover!

2. With another piece of green construction paper (and the scraps from the clover paper) cut up rectangles and squares. They don't have to match, just cut up some scraps.

3. Next, have your child help you scrunch up all those scraps:

4. Put glue all over the clover and have your child place the scrunched up papers on top!

5. Let it dry and enjoy!


1 comment :

Liz said...

Love the idea of folding the square paper in half for a shamrock shape - hadn't thought of that!