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Frog Cupcakes!

For LB's Birthday Party a while ago, I had to make a BUNCH of cupcakes. So I looked for something simple and fun. I saw this idea for frog cupcakes on many different websites and it was exactly what I was looking for! So easy!! And so cute.
Here's what you do: Bake cupcakes and let them cool.FROG: Add green food coloring to some white frosting and place on top of the cupcakes.(optional) Add some green sprinkles on top.EYES: Take 1 large marshmallow and it in half so you have 2 circles.Push 1 chocolate chip into the middle of each circle.Place the 2 marshmallows on the cupcake to be the frog's eyes. MOUTH: Add some red food coloring to a little bit of white frosting and place in a ziploc bag.Cut a small tip off one of the corners of the bag and pipe the red frosting onto the cupcake for the frog's mouth. 


How to use Christmas Clearance Candy!

I love buying holiday candy AFTER holidays! Because while it may be wrapped in festive wrappers, the deliciousness is the same as the full price ones in the candy-aisle. 
A few days after last Christmas I found bags of Christmas Hershey's Kisses for 75cents.  I stocked up. And then I came up with a brilliant plan!
I can use the SILVER and RED kisses for Valentine's Day and the GREEN kisses for St. Patrick's Day!!!
Since those are the next 2 major holidays, the candy won't have to sit too long. If I can refrain from eating it all, that is.  :)

Christmas Activities for kids!

Here are a bunch of Christmas activities we've done over the past few years. Click on the picture below to see that post.  Merry Christmas!

Santa Hat Craft

Here is a very easy Christmas craft you can whip up faster than Santa can slide down the chimney! :)

Supplies: Red paperCotton ballsGlue
Craft time! Cut out a triangle out of the red paper.Have your child glue the cotton balls along the bottom, and one at the very top of the hat.Let it dry and you're all done!MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Christmas Tree Craft

This craft was so simple and easy, even LL(1) joined in on the fun! Check it out!
Supplies: Scrapbook paper in different shades and patterns of green. (for the tree)Scrapbook paper in different patterns of red. (for the ornaments)Scrapbook paper in a yellow pattern. (for the star)(Or you can use a sheets of green, red, and yellow construction paper too).White paperMarkerScissorsGlue

Prep Work: On the white piece of paper, draw a big triangle. This is the tree shape. :)From the green paper, cut out a pile of strips, about 1" wide.

From the red paper, cut out a pile of circles, about 1" wide.(I have a paper punch that I used to get these cut. But you could also just trace a small circle and cut them out, or just cut from scratch!) :)From the yellow paper, draw and cut out a star.

Craft Time!

Give your child the green paper strips and a glue stick. Have them choose a strip one at a time and glue it onto their triangle shape:

After the triangle is covered, YOU cut out the triangle, inclu…

Reindeer Craft

This craft is so easy to get ready, and put together. LB(4) loved creating his own little reindeer to decorate the house for Christmas. Here's how to make it:

Supplies: Craft foam in light brown, and dark brown or black.2 googly eyes1 red pom pomGlueMarker
Prep Work: Using the light brown craft foam, cut out a circleUsing the dark brown or black craft foam, cut out 2 antler shapes

Craft Time!

Give your child the pieces and the glue.Show them how to glue on all the pieces to create their reindeer!Then have them draw on a smile with a marker.

There you have it!

Egg Carton Snowman craft

originally posted 12-19-2009
It's so easy to make a snowman. Which is probably why we have made several varieties during this crafty countdown to Christmas. The snowmen made on December 19 were made out of an egg carton, cotton balls, construction paper, and ribbon.

First I cut the egg carton apart into 4 sections with 3 cups each. Then I trimmed them down around the sides.

I gave 2 to LM, and 2 to myself. (I find that this is a fun way to make crafts. Have 1-2  for me to make so I can show LM how to do it, and 1-2 for LM to make so he can do it himself after he sees how!)
Next, I put some glue inside and around the sides of each cup and we pulled apart some cotton balls and put them in the cups.
Then, I used a hole-puncher to punch out some small black circles for the eyes, mouth, & buttons. Glued those on, and then glued on a small orange triangle for the nose.
Finally, I used some gold ribbon to tie around the snowmen for scarves. Ta da!
 Last of all, we put string through …