Thursday, November 21, 2013

Turkey Painting

LB(4) loves when we get the paints out.
So to go along with our Thanksgiving theme, we created this Turkey Painting!

  • White paper
  • Paints (Fingerpaint, Tempera paint, or Poster paint)
  • Cup 
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors & Glue
  • Marker

How to Make it:
  • Squirt some paint out onto a few plates
    • I decided to use red, yellow and green--kind of fall colors. But you can use any color!
  • Hand your child the cup and have them dip it into the paint and stamp it onto the white paper:

  • While it dries, cut out a small turkey body, beak, legs, etc.

  • When the painting is dry, cut the paper so it's round on top and slightly on the sides. This is now the turkey feathers!
  • Glue it onto a piece of construction paper, and glue the turkey on top.
  • With a black marker draw dots for eyes and write "Happy Thanksgiving" on the bottom.


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