Monday, March 11, 2013

Clover Cards

A few days ago, I posted about a Shamrock Garland LB(3) and I made. 

We had a little bit of the paper left over, so I decided to use it to make these cute little clover cards to send to our loved ones for St. Patrick's Day!

Here's how it all came about:
  • I mixed up some green tempera paint and let LB go to town painting 3 pieces of white paper however he wanted to.

  • After it dried, I traced big shamrock shapes onto it and cut them out for the Shamrock Garland. And with the scraps leftover, I traced smaller shamrocks and cut those out to use for cards!

  • I simply cut and folded several pieces of white paper for the card. I made sure they were a size that would fit in the envelopes I had on hand. 

  • To give the clover a little bit more dimension, I cut a scrap piece of craft foam and glued it on the card, and glued the clover onto that. This helps it pop out a little bit from the paper.

  • We're going to write a happy little greeting inside and mail it off to a few loved ones far away!


1 comment :

Lauren said...

Loving the fun projects on your blog (which I just found through the Kid Blogger Network on Pinterest). This is such a cute card, and it could be easily adapted to fit so many occasions.

Thanks for sharing :)