Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Paper Heart Craft

Another fun Valentine's craft is this easy heart! It was fun way to use up some scrapbook paper, and LB(3) had a blast gluing all the strips on! 

Prep Work:
  • Get out as many red and pink pieces of scrapbook paper as you can find (OR you can use construction paper).
    • Cut a 1" strip off the edge of each of the papers.
  • Get out a piece of white cardstock or paper and some glue.

Craft time!
  • Help your child glue all the strips of paper onto the white paper. 
    • They can go straight up and down like we did, or they can put them in any direction they want!

  • Let the glue dry, then turn the paper over and draw a heart shape on the back. 
  • Cut it out, or have your child cut it out.
  • You could have your child give this to someone as a valentine, or you could put it in a frame!


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Maro's kindergarten said...

Love this craft! Happy Valentine's day!