Saturday, September 29, 2012

All Aboard the Potty-Train!


Back when LM was a wee lad, he would get really excited when we talked about potty-training. We finally figured out that when he heard the word, "train" he was thinking of the choo choo variety. So I thought we would capitalize on that excitement, and make a Potty-Train to help him along!

I made a little track out of white paper with black strips and stuck it to the bathroom wall with sticky-tack. I printed out a little train that we clipped to the track with a clothespin. Every time he went potty, he got to move the train down the track. When it reached the station at the end of the track, he got a little prize!

LB recently turned 3 and we're about to start full-fledged potty-training soon. This idea worked so well with LM that I'm going to do it again! I mean who wouldn't want to take a ride on the potty train?

All aboard!


Melanie said...

They might be interested in this book, The Potty Train

I think I got the book for $1 through Scholastic or you could try your library. My oldest liked to read that book while we were potty training.

Anonymous said...

Love this!