Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easy Felt Sandwiches

Have you ever thought what the world would be like if PB & J sandwiches didn't exist? 
#1 - Pandemonium. 
#2 - I'd actually have to start putting an ounce of effort into my boys lunches, since this is what they currently consume for lunch each and every single day.
And since this is a favorite, I thought I'd make an easy felt version for playing --with a "grilled cheese" thrown in for good measure.

  • Felt
  • Scissors

Here's what you do:
  1. Cut 4 bread-slice shapes out of light brown felt
  2. Cut 1 square out of the orange felt (cheese slice)
  3. Cut 1 blob out of dark brown felt (peanut butter)
  4. Cut 1 blob out of dark red felt (jelly)
My boys have had fun using these to make their favorite sandwiches. You can also add more cut-outs for different kinds of sandwiches! 

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Have Fun!

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