Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Leaf Collection Book

Since it's fall, there are leaves all over our backyard. We went out one day, each with a brown paper bag, and collected different kinds of leaves.

When we came back inside, I made simple books for the boys using white printer paper folded in half, with a piece of construction paper fold in half on top as the cover. I stapled them together on the edge and the boys decorated the covers with crayons. Then they glued their favorite leaves inside!


The Activity Mom said...

So fun! I'm jealous of your leaves. =)

Rob and Marseille said...

one of my friends did some leaf activities you might like. first, (only w/her 5 yr old) they tore the leaves in half & drew & colored the other side the same way the leaf looked. Her other activity was to have a page w/different colors on it, then go on a leaf hunt (bring glue!) & find leaves that matched those colors.

Little Family Fun said...

Marseille, Those are great ideas! Thanks!