May 20, 2010

3. How I Coupon:

Now you've got your coupons, AND a couple of good websites to look at.

You might not need any more advice since the websites you've found are filled with good advice and tutorials from amazing couponers.

But, just in case you still aren't sure of what to do next, here's how I do it:

1. Look at the website you've found and find the deals that you'd like to get from a certain store.
2. Make a list. Print a list, or Copy & Paste one into a word document, or send yourself an email. Somehow get a list of just the deals you want to get from that store.
3. Go through the list and locate the coupons you will need to get the deals you want. (Print, Clip, Upload, etc.)
4. Make a shopping list. If you've printed a list, go down the list and mark to the side how many of each item you will need to get based on the number of coupons you have. If you don't have a printed list, just hurry and write one up. (this saves a lot of time in the store if you already have it figured out!) I actually created a document for me to write this all up on and take to the store with me to save time and hassle there. Especially when I have the boys with me!
5. Paper clip only the coupons you plan on using. (Again, make it easy for yourself! Don't make yourself stand in line and try to remember which coupons you needed. Do it before you go!)
6. Go shopping! 
7. When you are at the checkout, just hang onto all your coupons until all your items have been scanned. THEN give them your coupons. (Unless the store says otherwise. This is the easiest way.)
8. Stand and watch your Total amount due decrease!
9. Thank the cashier and try to contain your excitement as you frolic out to your car with your wad of deals!
10. Then do it again.

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