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Valentine's Day Game! - Heart Toss

We love to play games. Here is a quick and fun little Valentine's Day game you can whip up for your little ones! It's an easy activity for kids all ages and would even make a great game for a Valentine's Day party! 

♥ Supplies: 1 piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper (Check out our post about some awesome deals of scrapbook paper packs on Amazon!!)ScissorsYarnHole PunchTape3 pieces of pink construction paper
♥ Prep Work: 1. Fold your 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper in half. Cut out a heart shape:
2. Then, about 1.5" inside that heart, cut another heart shape out:

3. Unfold it and you've got your Heart!
4. (**Set that inside heart aside for another craft we'll do next week!)  :)

5. Using a hole punch, punch a hole through the top of the heart (on both sides):

6. Cut 2 long pieces of yarn and tie them each through the holes:

7. Then tape the yarn onto the top of a doorway so that the heart hangs at a good height for your kids to be able to toss into:

8. Next, get 3 piece…