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Christmas Activities and Crafts for kids!

We've got a bunch of fun ideas for crafts and activities this Christmas season!
Just click on the links below to check them out!
Merry Christmas!

Holiday crafts are so much fun for kids. You can find more Christmas crafts, along with crafts for more Holidays in my book!!

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Christmas Gift Idea!

Christmas is coming and this book is a perfect gift for so many people on your list!
Kids Parents Grandparents Siblings Aunts & Uncles Cousins Teachers Friends Neighbors
And best of all....IT'S ON SALE!
Click below to order it on Amazon!

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Here is a little glimpse at the inside of the book:

All 50 crafts come with a big full-color photo of the finished craft, and step-by-step photos and instructions for how to make it! It is so fun and easy to use!
There are 10 Holidays listed in this book and each one comes with 5 different craft ideas for kids. The Holidays/Special Occasions included in this book are:
Valentine's Day St. Patrick's Day Easter Mother's Day Father's Day Fourth of July Back to School Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas
Most of these crafts are not found on my blog, so you don't want to miss out. Get this book and you are set for a whole year of festive crafting!
Happy Holidays!!