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Apple Buddy - Back to School craft for kids

Supplies: Craft foam or construction paper in red, green, & black2 googly eyes1 white pom-pomGlueMarker
Get it all ready: With the red foam or paper, cut out a a big apple shape. (an easy way is to cut out a circle first, then trim the top and bottom inward to make it look like an apple!)

With the green foam or paper, cut out:4 green circles (for hands & feet)1 leafWith the black foam or paper, cut out:4 rectangles (for arms & legs)1 skinny triangle (for the stem)

Craft Time!

When it's all ready to go, sit down with your child and help them put it all together:Glue all the foam & paper pieces onGlue on the eyes & noseDraw a smile with the marker

And there you have it! Your child's very own Apple Buddy! Starting another school year is always fun. Starting it with an Apple Buddy is even better. :)
Have fun!

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