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Easy Spider Craft for Kids!

Looking for a quick and easy Halloween craft for kids? You've come to the right place! This cute spider craft is about as quick and easy as they come. Check it out!
Supplies: Construction paper in black and greenScissorsGlueGoogly eyesMarker
Craft Time!
1. Cut out a black rectangle, and 6 green strips:

2. Do a fan-fold on each of the green paper strips:

3. Glue 3 of the strips to one side of the rectangle, and the other 3 to the other side.

4. Glue on 2 googly eyes, then draw a smile with a marker.

All done!  Enjoy your cute spider!

Do you need some googly eyes and paper for this fun craft?? Check out our post on the best kid-craft supplies for great prices on Amazon! We've got some good recommendations. :)

Happy Halloween!

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Witch Hat Craft!

Here is a fun and simple craft you can make with your kids this Halloween!
Supplies: Black & White Construction PaperFinger Paint in Purple, Yellow, and Green (I recommend Crayola Brand. Check out the end of the post for more details!)ScissorsGlue
Craft Time!
1. Give the white construction paper to your child and let them use the finger paints to paint the papers: one purple, one yellow, and one green. Set them aside for a while and let them dry. (Overnight is good)

2. Once the paint is all dry, cut out one strip of the purple-painted paper (about 1 1/2 inches wide) and 5-6 strips of the green paper (about 1 inch wide):

3. Fold the yellow-painted paper in half and cut out half a square. Then cut out the middle of the square. This will be the buckle on the hat.

4.Fold a piece of black construction paper in half length-wise and cut from one corner to the opposite corner. 

5.Unfold it and you've got your triangle shape for the hat! Then from another piece of construction paper, cut a lon…