Easy Kite Craft for Kids!

Our final Kite-themed activity was making this easy kite craft!
This was a joint effort by LB(3) AND LL(1) and myself.

How to make it:
  • Out of a piece of white paper, cut out a kite shape.
    • Let your child paint (we used watercolors) their kite however they desire (this was LB's job)

  •  Get out another piece of white paper and have your child paint it however they desire (this was LL's job, AND her very first time painting! She loved it.)

  • After the papers have dried, use a hole-punch to make a small hole in the bottom corner of the kite.
  • Cut a long piece of yarn (however long you want it for the kite string), and tie it through the hole.

  • Out of the other sheet of painted paper, cut out 3 (or more) bow-shapes. Start at the top of the kite string and tie the yarn around each one, working your way down the string.

There you have it!



okwiththemess.com said...

this is making me ready for spring. I Have 2 toddlers and this will be great once weather gets warmer. Thanks!

An Open Home with Meredith Amand said...

I love your adorable kite craft and I'm featuring it on my blog this week.Thanks for sharing your ideas!


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