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Lego Towers by Color

We have a bunch of the large lego blocks in all different colors. So I cut out pieces of paper for each of the colors and would have the boys pick a color. They had to race to the box of legos and build a tower using only that color of blocks. It was a hit! It would also be fun to have them pick 2 colors and do the same thing to get some bigger colored towers!

General Conference Train & Activity Bags

This weekend is an exciting time. We get to listen to our Prophet and Apostles speak to us as we watch General Conference! What is General Conference? Click HERE. Want to watch General Conference? It will be broadcast live HERE

I've prepared a few things to help the boys be  reverent and attentive while we watch. 
This first idea is called the  General Conference Train!

First, I cut out rectangles from some different scrapbook papers. Then I cut out a bunch of small circles out of black paper for the wheels. I printed several pictures of each of 9 topics often discussed in General Conference and glued the wheels and pictures onto the rectangles. And those are the trains!
 When the boys hear one mentioned, they get a train car that has that picture on it and put it up on our wall using sticky-tack. 
They are constantly adding to the train during each session of Conference, and it gets so long that it even starts winding it's way on the wall up our stairs! My boys absolutely LO…

Color Mixing

I saw this idea on No Time for Flash Cards.
We wrote on a piece of paper the primary colors added to each other, and our experiment was to discover what colors they made. We have paint in the primary colors. So I squirted some paint onto 3 paper plates and had the boys both mix the paints with paint brushes. Then I had them paint with the new colors on a piece of paper.
One by one, we filled in the answer on the paper for what the new colors were. LM especially loved this and wanted to do it again and again. :)

Colored Letter Practice

I wanted LM to practice writing his letters, so I got out a bunch of colored pencils. I would write a word on the chalkboard and we would sound it out. Then I'd have him choose a colored paper from a bag and he got to practice writing that word with that color of pencil. He really had fun with this. :)

Car Color Matching

The Theme for this week is  COLORS!

Our first activity was getting a few of the hundreds of toy cars we have all over the house and parking them on the matching colored paper.

LM(4) did this easily and thought it was a lot of fun.
And for LB(1), it was a fun way to talk about colors and help him begin to recognize them.

Easy. Fun. The end.

Watermelon Stars

I found this idea on oh! Desserts.

We used our star cookie cutters, once again, to cut stars out of watermelon. It was a fun addition to our lunch and the boys keep asking for more!

Cookie-cutter Painting

For this painting craft we used 3 star cookie cutters of different sizes. We dipped them in paint and stamped them on the paper. The picture above is done by LM(4).

The boys really had fun with this. Cookies cutters are a great tool to use for creating simple and great artwork!


I found this idea on No Time For Flash Cards. We talked for a bit about how sometimes stars in the sky make pictures called constellations. Then I drew pictures for each of the boys and had them place star stickers on them to make a constellation. LB(1) did the car. LM(4) did the house.

Star Trail

Our theme last week was: STARS!

I found these cutout stars at the dollar store. You could also cut out your own stars, but I figured it was worth a buck not to. :)

We took turns making trails with the stars throughout our house. And at the end of the trail, we would put a book that we'd read. A couple of the books even had stars in them: an added bonus.

Y cookies

Our favorite football team had their big rivalry game this weekend. To help cheer them on, we made some Y cookies:

Unfortunately, the cookies weren't enough to send our team to victory. They lost BIG time. So we wallowed in sugar and pity.

Dishing Ice Cream

For this activity, I had some cotton balls, a few pom-poms, tongs, and a bowl. The boys would pick up a "scoop of ice cream" and place it in the bowl.
This was a good fine motor skill activity, especially for LB (1) who loved doing it over and over. Sometimes he used the tongs, and other times just his fingers. LM (4) had fun with it too, but was bored with it after a few times of filling up his bowl.

Ice Cream Cones!

We couldn't have an Ice Cream theme without actually eating this delectable dessert ourselves! So, one night after dinner, we treated ourselves to ice cream cones! Yum.

Ice Cream Letter Activity

For this activity, I cut out a bunch of circles using construction paper and wrote different words on each.
The activity was that I drew cones on the chalkboard with upper-case letters in each one (you could also cut out cones with paper). When LM chose a circle I asked him to identity what letter the word starts with and we put it on the corresponding cone. It was good practice with lower-case letters, and also looking at what letter words start with.

Ice Cream Cone Craft

The theme for this week is: ICE CREAM!

For this delicious craft you'll need:
white paper, brown paper (or cardboard)scissorsglueice cream sprinklesI cut out the cone shape, and the ice cream shape and we glued them together. Then I had the boys put glue all over the ice cream shape and sprinkle the sprinkles all over the glue. Yummy!


Our last FISH activity was a Fish-Toss.

Using about 15 or so little fish toys, I had the boys take turns tossing the fish into the big bowl of water. It was a hit!

If you don't have little fish toys, you could get some small rocks and paint them like fish to toss.

Fish Collage

For this craft all you need is:
scissorscard stockscrapbook paper, or construction paper (Check out our post on a truly AMAZING deal for scrapbook paper on Amazon!)gluegoogly eye (optional) or you could just draw an eyeblack marker I just ripped up some scraps of old scrapbook paper and put them all in a pile on the table. I cut out the shape of a fish using card stock. Then we covered the fish with glue and the boys placed the paper scraps on their fish. We then glued on the eye and drew a little mouth.

Fish Race

We used the chalkboard to have a Fish Race! I cut out 4 fish with construction paper and put them on the board with sticky-tack. Then I drew12 circles alongside each fish. We placed number tiles in a bag from 1-3 and each took turns picking a tile from the bag. Whoever's fish got to the finish line first won!
We played this many times and it was a blast. Even if you don't have a chalkboard, you could do the same thing easily on paper.

FISH for numbers!

Since I cut out so many fish, I put dots on the rest to practice counting.  I even thought it would be good to have LM catch 2 fish, then add the numbers together for some simple math practice. :)

FISH for shapes!

As a way of organizing a bit of preschool learning into our days, I'm going to try to have a theme for each week with 3-5 activities planned for me to do with the boys throughout the week.

So week one's theme was: FISH!

 I cut out a bunch of fish from construction paper and drew shapes on them.
Then I "laminated" them with contact paper.
I placed paper clips on each of them, and the boys fished with a stick with a magnet attached to a string.

When they got a fish, we would say the shape.

Link Party:

Fabric in Frames

There's a small piece of wall above our entertainment center that needed something on it. I wasn't sure what, but when I was at the fabric store one day, I saw this red and black flower fabric that instantly drew me in. I got a yard and didn't even realize until I got home that the flowers increase in size down the fabric.

I bought some cheap-o frames from the thrift store that were all 8x10 and painted them black.

I wrapped a piece of the fabric around the glass from the frame and taped it in place, put them in the frame and hung them up!

Homemade HOME decor

Sometimes I find things on clearance that are such a good deal I'd be a fool to pass up! The challenge then comes in figuring out how in the world I'm going to use it.

Such is the case with these wooden letters, and wooden slabs.

I decided to paint the slabs red and black and then go over them with sandpaper.
I painted the letters white and glued them onto the slabs.
I used scrapbook paper on the top half of the slabs.
Then I attached twine to the backs to hang them up.

And that's it!

Happy Family

The next few days I'm going to post a few small and easy things I've done to "decorate" the house a little bit. They are all simple and inexpensive....which is just how I roll.

The first is this FAMILY frame. I bought this at Walmart many moons ago, and originally had a small picture of our family in it. One time when LM was doodling on paper, he drew our family: LM (the biggest one of course), LB (the smallest one of course), Mommy and Daddy.

I thought it was so cute, so I took out the photo and replaced it with his work of art! I smile every time I see it.

HOWEVER, I'm going to have to take it out soon and let him add one more small little face......because we're having another baby!!! I'm due in a few months and it is a girl. :)