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Party Hat Craft

Many moons ago, it was Daddy's Birthday. To go along with the Spaghetti Cupcakes we made for him, I had the boys decorate these party hats to give him.
I simply cut out 2 triangles and let the boys go to town coloring on and putting stickers on them. And of course a pom-pom on top.

Re-usable Book-o-Fun!

A while ago, I bought a big book of activities that LM could do. Included were Dot-to-Dots, Mazes, Word Finds, etc. 
I ripped some out the book and put them in sheet protectors and then placed them all in a folder.  With a Dry-Erase marker, LM can do these puzzles over and over.  It's one of his favorite quiet time activities lately.
And the best thing is that I can switch out the pages as often as we want!

Paper Plate Puzzle

One day, LM was coloring on a paper plate with markers, and then decided to cut it up with scissors. When I asked what he was doing, he said he was making a puzzle! He loves puzzles and this one is his pride and joy.
I thought it was very creative and ingenious and wish I could claim the credit for this super fun and easy idea. 


I found this chalkboard for $1 at a thrift store almost 2 years ago. I originally was going to put it in the boys' room, but kept rearranging things in there to where I just ended up putting it the back of the closet and forgot about it.

I recently remembered that I had it, and thought it would be fun to put up in our kitchen.
It will be fun to write notes on it, draw pictures, teach the boys the ABC's etc.

If you want a chalkboard and can't find any at your local thrift store, you could always make your own with chalkboard paint. I've never used it, but I've seen other people's projects who have & I think it is awesome!

Stick Flags

To celebrate America's Birthday, we made stick flags.

We simply used craft/popsicle sticks and colored every other one red with a crayon.
Then we glued them on paper
Then glued a piece of blue construction paper on and put silver star stickers on top.

Happy 4th of July!!