September 4, 2014

Apple Stamp Craft

An apple craft a day,
keeps the school jitters away! :)

Here is a fun way you can use a real apple to make a real cute apple craft!

  • White paper
  • White cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Red paint (like this: Crayola Paint)
  • Apple
  • Fork

Craft Time!

1. Draw a small and simple apple shape on a piece of white paper.
2. Cut it out and tape it onto the middle of a piece of white cardstock:

3. Cut an apple in half and stick a fork in it (the fork makes it much easier to hold when painting).
4. Squirt some red paint onto a plate.
5. Give the apple and paint to your child and let them go at it! Stamping all over the paper and apple shape.

6. When they are done stamping, but before the paint dries, take the apple shape off of the paper. Then let it all dry.

All done! You've got a great apple craft!
If you want, you can even have your child put something in the middle of the white apple shape like:
-write their name
-draw a picture of themselves
-glue on a picture of themselves

And best of all, this is 2 crafts in one! 
You can hang up this little painted apple to enjoy as well!

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